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Daylighting for Education

Woodland Community School, Bespoke Ritchlight Skylight As the UK’s leading manufacturer of rooflight systems, architects and local authority specifiers can draw on Brett Martin Daylight System’s broad portfolio and expertise to deliver improved building design, legislative compliance, reduced artificial lighting and lower carbon emissions coupled with the physiological and aesthetic benefits of designing with natural daylight.

The Brett Martin rooflight range comprises domes, vaults, pitched skylights, panel glazing systems, industrial factory and site assembled rooflights. The range includes some of the best-known brands in the market, such as Mardome, Marvault, Richlight and Xlok. The products are precision engineered and glazed with polycarbonate, GRP, glass or PVC. Brett Martin Daylight Systems is the only manufacturer to supply all its own plastic glazing materials.

Partnering with local authorities, architects and schools, Brett Martin Daylight Systems has a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the education sector. Providing expert, impartial technical advice on rooflight specification, Brett Martin’s team has access to the widest choice of rooflight products available, in the full range of glazing materials. Intuitive experienced designers ensure compliance with Part L and help to achieve higher BREEAM ratings. It has developed daylighting solutions to meet the individual demands of the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.

In addition to the wave of new school construction under the BSF programme, Brett Martin recognises that there are many older school buildings requiring maintenance and refurbishment. Taking an innovative approach Brett Martin has helped to transform courtyards into classrooms, provide canopies and covered walkways, replace existing rooflights and develop bespoke daylight solutions for halls and circulation areas, leisure facilities and classrooms according to each project.

Many specifiers are aware of the environmental credentials of natural daylight, seeking to maximise the potential of this abundantly available natural energy resource. Brett Martin’s systems all maximise the transmission of natural light to the interior of school buildings. Building Bulletin 90, Lighting Design for Schools actually states that: ‘The school designer should assume that daylight will be the prime means of lighting when it is available.’ The introduction of natural light helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting, thereby not only lowering carbon emissions in line with the Carbon Emissions Target for all new schools, but also reducing energy costs for the end user too. In turn the passive solar gain achieved through the introduction of rooflights provides free heat to the building too.

Brett Martin is able to help specifiers deliver educational spaces that encourage learning, concentration and positive pupil behaviour. Natural daylight is recognised for its enormous physiological benefits and this is reflected in CABE’s assessment of secondary school design. In addition to improving the energy performance of the school building, including rooflights in the school design is fundamental to ensuring attention, concentration and overall pupil behaviour is maximised to enhance academic performance.

Tom Ogilvie, managing director of Brett Martin Daylight Systems said: “With unrivalled technical expertise, we are best-positioned in the education building design market to partner with specifiers and local authorities. Providing expert, impartial advice on the design, specification and installation of rooflights, our technical advisers are on hand to advise on the regulatory demands for daylighting the school of the future.”