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Mardome 300mm Tall Kerb

Mardome Tall Kerb

Brett Martin Daylight Systems has introduced a new 300mm tall kerb option to its range of kerb and fixing options for Mardome Trade and Ultra rooflights. Offering the best quality natural daylight, hassle free installation and excellent value for money as standard – the Mardome range is being continually developed to meet the increasing demands of architects, contractors and building owners.

In addition to the standard 150mm kerb height option, the new 300mm tall kerb is now available for use with standard sized Mardome Trade and Ultra rooflights. Ideal for flat, low pitched or curved roofs of less than 15°, the kerb is approved for use with all the major flat roof manufacturers’ systems.

With an overall kerb height of 365mm, which provides a full 300mm to the termination of the roof covering, the tall kerb is suitable for applications where the base of the kerb will be mounted below the finished roof level.  For example, the additional kerb height allows up to 150mm of supplementary insulation on the roof, ideal for refurbishment projects where insulation is required on top of the existing roof structure and for tapered insulation projects to allow proper and even drainage of surface water on flat roofs. The 300mm tall kerb also provides a solution when oversailing an existing rooflight upstand.

The tall kerb has been developed holistically with full consideration to the overall performance of Mardome rooflights. The almost vertical kerb walls optimise the glazing area for maximum light transmission whilst the multiwall kerb structure acts to improve thermal efficiency. With aesthetics a key consideration in the design process, actuators and powered components are cleverly hidden within the kerb to provide a stylish finish internally and externally.

With many features to ease the installation process the kerb is manufactured from lightweight but robust PVC-u which offers a weatherable and impact resistant solution for tough roofing conditions.  The integral kerb clamp holds roof coverings in place for complete weather tightness and a neat and tidy finish.

Alternatively, Mardome Trade and Ultra rooflights may also be fitted to an existing builder’s upstand.  Where necessary the Mardome rooflight is supplied complete with an integral kerb frame to ensure all product features, including ventilation and hidden actuators for powered opening units, are available for this application.  Where the upstand is a non-standard size, a Mardome Kerb Adaptor can also be supplied while a Mardome Soaker allows Mardome Trade and Ultra rooflights to be fitted to profiled metal roofs.

Combining a range of options to ease the specification and installation process of Mardome rooflights, Brett Martin Daylight Systems’ ever growing range of technically advanced kerb and fixing options are the way forward for contractors, specifiers and clients. Find out more about Mardome rooflights.