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Brett Martin Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheet extruder, Brett Martin, produces Marlon Polycarbonate, Marvec PVC, Marpet aPET, Marpet-g PETg, Foamalux Foam PVC and Marcryl Acrylic for rooflights, glazing, cladding, fabrication, print and display. With extensive material options, multiwall, corrugated and flat sheet formats, tints, colours and special finishes, the range has earned a global reputation for quality and performance. Diverse and versatile, these brands have been used in everything from the rooflights of Wembley Stadium to riot shields and typhoon resistant signage for McDonalds. View project gallery
Featured Applications
Foamalux Vintage Train Refurb
Vintage Train
Foamalux Brings Life Back to Vintage Train
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Paddington Station Marlon ST Rooflight
Paddington Station
Marlon ST brings light to Paddington Station
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Foamalux Craft Board Parrot
Foamalux Foam PVC At the Heart of Arts & Crafts
Foamalux Foam PVC At the Heart of Arts…
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