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Marlon FSX brings light to Salab Mall’s Ceramic Showroom in Cairo

Marlon FSX Longlife Glazed Rooflight_Salab Mall_Cairo

6mm Clear Marlon FSX Longlife was used to glaze this stunning rooflight on the new Salab Mall, ceramic show room in Cairo. The impressive dome rooflight which is oval in shape has a base diameter of 34m x 14m and is 4m high. The fixed mobile display of birds underneath the rooflight gives the appearance of looking up to the sky.

Clear Marlon FSX Longlife is ideal for projects like this as its glass like properties provide high levels of natural light transmission and optical clarity to flood the building with natural daylight.

Marlon FSX Longlife is much lighter in weight than glass and can be cold curved on-site for ease of installation.’ said Helmy Youssef, Polytech Egypt.

Marlon FSX Longlife sheets are co-extruded with Longlife UV protection on both sides which acts to filter out harmful UV rays of the sun protecting the sheet from the effects of weathering particularly in hot climates where the sun is very strong.

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