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New Foamalux creative - 'Made with pride'

Foamalux Marketing Creative

In addition to four new Foamalux colours, Brett Martin has also developed a new marketing support programme for the Foamalux range of foam PVC in 2013. The new concept, themed around 'The Wild', uses analogies from the animal kingdom to highlight the key features and benefits of the market leading Foamalux range.  Think an elephant for strength, a parrot for colour or a chameleon for versatility. These are just a few examples of the animals used to bring the range to life both visually and metaphorically for a range that Brett Martin manufactures with 'pride'. The complete package includes a vibrant new brochure, sample cards, sample swatches and other marketing collateral.

Preview the Foamalux brochure now and let the creative take you on a journey to discover the new design and amazing imagery used. Click here to download the new Foamalux brochure.


For more information about the Foamalux range, click here.