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World Class Polycarbonate Greenhouse Glazing for the Middle East

Marlon ST Greenhouse To create optimum conditions for plants, the design, build and long-term operation of greenhouses is absolutely crucial particularly in one of the harshest climatic regions on earth. By incorporating the highest standard of products into every building element – such as Marlon polycarbonate greenhouse glazing materials from Brett Martin – growers in the Middle East ensure the optimum environment for plants in facilities that offer protection from the high UV exposure, strong winds and sandstorms experienced in the region.

For commercial greenhouses in the Middle East, Brett Martin’s premium Marlon polycarbonate range includes Clear 4mm and 6mm Twinwall polycarbonate sheet and 0.8mm Clear corrugated polycarbonate sheet in a range of profiles, providing a much more robust alternative to film and textile coverings which are easily damaged in the harsh climatic conditions.

Combining strength and impact resistance with high optical clarity and light transmission, the lightweight polycarbonate sheets are easy to handle and install and come with a 10-year warranty – making Marlon the ideal solution for horticultural applications which require its high performance, damage and temperature-resistant characteristics.

Marlon’s co-extruded UV absorption layer acts to block the damaging UV radiation which can be harmful to plants, animals and people whilst transmitting the natural solar light essential for healthy crop and animal development. Longlife UV resilience also means longer sheet life by preventing yellowing and loss of strength, extending the lifetime of the building.

An optional anti-drip surface layer on Marlon corrugated and multiwall sheets prevents the formation of water droplets and reduces condensation and associated fogging. This technology positively impacts crop yields by decreasing spoilage caused by dripping.

To provide the complete greenhouse glazing solution, Brett Martin has invested in manufacturing equipment and now offers a full range of connecting profiles, manufactured by Brett Martin from premium Marlon polycarbonate including two piece cap and base connecting profile, H profiles and U profiles to ensure the entire glazing solution can withstand the extreme climate in the Middle East.

Brett Martin is a UK-based manufacturer renowned for quality and reliability which has been developed through 60 years in the industry. The Marlon polycarbonate range is manufactured from 100% virgin material in the company’s UK based BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assured factories to the highest standards with full warranties, certification and approvals throughout the range. Exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide, the company has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement twice.

Brett Martin will be demonstrating its range of Marlon Polycarbonate for Greenhouse Glazing at the Saudi Agriculture exhibition Stand 3E27 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre from the 7-10 October 2018.