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What's your colour?

New Foamalux colours_profile

Exciting things are happening at Brett Martin with the development of 4 new vibrant colours in the Foamalux Colour range for 2013. The versatile foam PVC sheet is now available in Neon Pink, Neon Green, Raspberry and Black Sparkle, making it Europe's brightest range of coloured foam PVC sheet.

  • Neon Pink - A standout luminous pink, which will shout out any point of purchase message.
  • Neon Green - Bright, vibrant and not to be missed, Neon Green is a loud colour which delivers impact.
  • Raspberry - A rich, deep luscious pink giving a quality feel to higher end signage requirements.
  • Black Sparkle - A subtle sparkle adds a touch of glister to this rich black for a seasonal feel to  display projects. 

The intense new shades enhance the well established colour range, creating a bright and funky palette for today’s sign, print and display industries. Now with 15 colour options to choose from, Foamalux Colour offers the widest choice of coloured Foam PVC available off the shelf.

The new colours bring more opportunity for fun, zest and sparkle to the diverse range of sign and display applications and encourage sign makers, printers and designers to take their artistic expressions to a whole new level. Read more about the Limited Edition colours.

New Foamalux colours

For more information about the new Foamalux Colour range, please contact our sales team.