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24 BBA Approved Twinwall Multi-Fittings

Brett Martin's range of 24 BBA Approved Twinwall Multi-Fittings

“Brett Martin’s Twinwall Multi-Fittings are BBA certified for use with other relevant manufacturers' Polyethylene Twinwall BBA approved pipe. This unique approval provides merchants and contractors with the knowledge that the combination of pipes and fittings they are supplying, or installing, have been fully tested and certified by the BBA.” says Plumbing & Drainage Sales Director Chris Dawson.

To date, BBA certification has related to Twinwall fittings used with pipes from the same manufacturer. However, this is not the case with Brett Martin’s range of Twinwall Surface Water Drainage fittings. If the merchant and distributor only stock, and the contractor only installs Brett Martin Twinwall fittings, they can be combined with other relevant manufacturers' BBA certified polyethylene pipe (see Brett Martin Twinwall Compatibility List).

Merchants and distributors may take advantage of special pipe offers from time to time, resulting in a stockholding of various makes of pipe. Similarly, contractors may move excess pipe from a completed site to their next contract, where different makes of pipe have already been delivered. If this results in mixed makes of pipe and fittings, then BBA certification will not apply, making Brett Martin’s range a massive gain in convenience and simplicity in the ordering, stocking and installing processes.

The main design benefits of these fittings are the accurate and consistent internal diameters of the sockets and the smooth bore throughout each fitting, especially when compared to some of the fabricated bends and junctions that are available. In addition, the fittings are lightweight, yet very robust indeed.

Brett Martin’s Twinwall Drainage fittings form part of the company’s comprehensive Surface Water Drainage range and consist of 24 various fittings. The range, which is manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:2008, is designed to fit current BBA-certified 150mm, 225mm and 300mm Polyethylene Twinwall drainage pipes. These can be used in a number of storm and land drainage applications including highway, agricultural, rail, airport and landfill projects.

Manufactured at Brett Martin’s Derbyshire premises, the fittings are rotationally moulded from high density Polyethylene and distributed via three strategically placed distribution depots in Staveley, Cumbernauld (serving Scotland) and Luton (serving Anglia, South and Southeast). The markets in Ireland are served by the Brett Martin Head Office, which is based in Mallusk, near Belfast.

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has built a solid reputation and can be relied upon for quality, service, value and product availability.  All of Brett Martin’s products are underpinned by exceptional sales and technical support, ensuring that every merchant is guaranteed the highest quality of service.

For more information download the Twinwall Multi-Fittings Brochure, visit the Twinwall Surface Water Pipe & Fittings webpage or download BBA Certificate (10/H168).