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Access All Areas with Brett Martin Chamber Assembly

Brett Martin 315mm Shallow Access Chamber

With tighter budgets and space at a premium, Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage has the perfect solution for merchants and end users alike with the market-leading 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Assembly. Combining excellent performance and an easy installation, the five-inlet assembly unit offers over 16 connection possibilities to provide a single, versatile solution and enable merchants to maximise profitability with minimal stockholding.

Manufactured from durable polypropylene and PVC, the 315mm diameter assembly is part of Brett Martin’s expansive 110mm drainage fittings range. Very lightweight, yet strong and durable, it consists of a chamber base, riser and choice of two covers, for pedestrian and a heavier duty option for use in driveways.

“The 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Assembly minimises stock requirements for both merchant and end user alike, and is a simpler choice for the installer on larger sites with varying house types and drainage layouts,” explains Hayley Lowry, Brett Martin Marketing Manager, “The five-inlet Chamber Base allows for multiple connections and variation in direction – making it the versatile access solution for drainage contractors.”

The branch channels, at half level invert height, prevent the possibility of cross and backflow within the chamber, whilst its sockets feature captive ring seals which are secure against dislodgement and provide superior sealing.  Ribbed to prevent distortion, the Chamber Riser features an integral sealing ring to ensure a completely watertight joint from base to riser and riser to riser.

The frame, in which the cover is secured, incorporates a sealing ring at the base of its long spigot, making it airtight and height adjustable to allow perfect alignment with finished ground level and surface slopes of up to 15º.  As the sealing in the cover and frame form a completely airtight unit, this new multi inlet Chamber Assembly is suitable for use in internal areas such as garages.

The Brett Martin 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Assembly complements an access fittings range that also features a 280mm Chamber Assembly and 450mm Chamber Assemblies which suit 110mm and 160mm drainage systems.

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has built a solid reputation on product innovations and service to its customers, with the 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Assembly only helping to enhance that reputation further. For more information, download the 315mm Shallow Access Chamber Brochure or contact (GB) or (NI/ROI) .