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Popular Anthracite Grey added to Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater and Soil Systems

Anthracite Grey Cascade

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has launched a new colour option to the Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater and Soil Systems range, adding Anthracite Grey to the mix of six heritage colours, allowing builders suppliers  to capitalise on the growing market trend for this colour on windows and doors on both new build and renovation projects.  

In addition to Anthracite Grey, Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater and Soil System is available in a choice of Classic Black, Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Sandstone and Porcelain White which cater to the subtle nuances of local vernacular architecture as well as reflecting the trend for priming and painting traditional systems. The complete colour range delivers the traditional appearance of Cast Iron with the convenience of modern plastic materials.

“The addition of popular Anthracite Grey to our mix of 6 heritage colours will give home owners and designers the opportunity to match rainwater and soil systems in line with the overall building aesthetic, whether they are windows, doors or other roofing components,” said Hayley Lowry, Marketing Manager of Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage. “With Cascade it is possible to create a heritage aesthetic without compromising architectural integrity.”

Designed with full consideration to original features, dimensions and detailing, the high quality Cascade pipework, fittings and hoppers create a cast iron look for less. Through a comprehensive range of gutters and downpipes which feature authentic architectural detailing and a choice of Ogee, Bath, Gothic or motiffed hopper designs, water butt and planters as well as a complementary soil system, Cascade can provide heritage style and meet the aesthetic requirements of new build where traditional style is required as well as sympathetic refurbishments and restoration projects. 

There are three styles of domestic gutter (106mm Prostyle, 112mm Roundstyle and, for larger or steeper roofs, a 115mm Deepstyle profile) which utilise 68mm round or 65mm square downpipes. For commercial projects there is a high capacity 160mm Roundstyle gutter with 105mm round and 4” x 3” rectangular downpipe choice.

Proven on a variety of projects from new build and domestic refurbishment projects, church and barn conversions, Georgian and Victorian shop frontages, flats and apartments, schools and hotels, the Cascade system has been designed and developed by Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage using over 50 years experience at the forefront of plastics technology and a unique patented manufacturing process to achieve the authentic cast iron finish.

Offering the appearance of traditional cast iron with all the benefits of plastic materials, Cascade is a fraction of the price of cast iron or other materials such as aluminium.  Real cast iron products are also heavy and time consuming to work with as they need to be cut to size using grinders before being primed, sealed and finished on site. Cascade is lightweight making it quicker, easier and safer to install, helping to offer huge efficiencies in terms of on-site installation costs. This high performance product is also maintenance free, UV stabilised so it is not vulnerable to rusting or corrosion and offers a ten year guarantee. 

The addition of the new Anthracite Grey colour option to an already comprehensive range of domestic and industrial gutter and pipework profiles, means that Cascade is fully compatible with both existing cast iron and modern-style rainwater systems giving it a huge appeal.  

When a traditional aesthetic is a prerequisite, the right drainage system can be the difference between design success and failure. With a price tag in line with modern construction, and an appearance that blends the past with the present, Brett Martin’s Cascade rainwater and soil system is the perfect solution for discerning builders merchants, specifiers, builders and clients alike.

For more information visit the Cascade product page or download the Cascade brochure