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Linear Channel Drains Added to Brett Martin Drainage Range

Linear Channel Drain

The new Linear Channel Drainage system from Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage provides a complete solution to the removal of surface water from buildings and their surroundings. Manufactured using durable plastic , the linear channel drain offers an effective means by which excess water can be removed without compromising the appearance of the exterior environment.

Ideal for installation around gardens, garages, driveways, patios, conservatories, swimming pools, sports courts, walkways etc, the channel drainage range can be used around any domestic area where surface water collects. Manufactured from durable plastic, the drains are easy to assemble, handle and install. The lightweight system can be quickly and simply fitted where required and delivers a self cleaning drainage channel that requires very little maintenance.

Graham Smith, Sales Director for Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage, commented, “This new domestic channel drainage range provides the ideal solution to the removal of surface water, due to its appearance, dimensions, durability, and ease of installation. Manufactured using quality plastics commonly used in other drainage products, the system will last for many years maintaining its excellent performance qualities. The Channel lengths, code BC1B, come in standard one metre lengths. To accommodate changes in direction the channel drainage range includes the ‘Quad Box’, code BCQ1B, which allows a combination of changes of direction from just one fitting. Simply slice out the relevant blanking plate to form a right hand or left hand bend, or two to form a T junction. To complete the range, an End Cap, code BCE1B, and an End Outlet, code BCE2B, are also available.”

The channel sections themselves interlock, making it simple to slot one piece into place with the next to deliver straight, uninterrupted drainage runs. Each channel section provides for three possible drainage outlets to ensure the most convenient drainage point is possible.

Due to its smooth, rounded base, the channel drainage range helps to assist water flow, moving excess water away from a building and its access routes and towards an outlet point. For safety, maintenance and aesthetic purposes, the channel drainage lengths come complete with an integrated plastic grating helping to safeguard against trips, preventing leaves and other debris from collecting in the gully, whilst also providing an unobtrusive drainage solution.

As a further addition to their range, Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage has also introduced a range of popular flexible couplings. Comprising seven items, accommodating connections from 110mm up to 190mm, the range provides for jointing between PVC and PVC, PVC and Clay and Clay to Clay pipework. The adaptor couplings, for example, comprise a stepped moulded elastomeric sleeve fitted with two stainless steel clamping bands of variable outside diameters. The bands deliver an efficient method by which the pipes can be easily connected with secure, watertight joints. Additionally, adaptor couplings may also be used to connect existing spigot ends of pipe to new pipe systems.

Similarly, drain couplings allow for the connection between pipes to repair the drainage system, and other small diameter non-pressure pipelines. Drain couplings are designed for use in systems where the resistance to earthloads is not required. Similar to the adaptor couplings, the drain couplings comprise a moulded elastomeric sleeve with integral medium duty stainless steel clamping bands.

Graham concluded, “We are well known for our active support of the independent merchant, so we will continue to develop our already extensive product ranges to provide our stockist customers with every opportunity for additional sales and profits, especially during current market conditions”.

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