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Brett Martin Invites Installer Feedback

Plumbing & Heating Show 2009

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage has invited installers visiting the Plumbing & Heating Show in Belfast to join its new Plumber User Group, to share their views on its extensive range of Soil and Waste products. At the show Brett Martin demonstrated the sheer breadth of its Soil & Waste product range with the completely redesigned access fittings and the unique Cast Iron Style push-fit soil range. 

Brett Martin’s Soil & Waste range has been developed to provide installers with convenience and added value.

The newly designed access fittings in both 110mm and 160mm diameters, available in push-fit or solvent weld options, feature a twist and lock cap allowing the fittings to be closed with a simple quarter turn. The removal of a threaded access cap connection to the housing of the main body means that ‘cross-threaded’ problems are virtually eliminated. 

The 103mm opening allows full and easy access to the pipework system for testing and maintenance procedures, while a new hand grip feature and locators on the insert provides user comfort. The innovative new fittings provide plumbers with a much easier and more effective method of closure for a completely watertight and airtight seal.

Those who join Brett Martin’s new Plumber User Group will have the chance to air their views on the range of Soil & Waste products available. They will also be invited to share opinions on the market in general. Those taking part will receive free Soil and Waste products.

“We are inviting installers to join our Plumber User Group in order to listen directly to our customers,” explained Tom Jobling, Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage Ireland Sales Manager, “As a local manufacturer and supplier it is important for us to canvas the opinions of our customers to inform product and range development to ensure our offering remains excellent. We constantly strive to deliver products and supporting technical services that our customers want to use time and time again.”

Installers who are interested in joining Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage's new Plumber User Group to receive free Soil & Waste products should register their interest at

For further information on the Soil & Waste range visit Plumbing Systems.