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Bright Forecast for DCE Rainwater Seminar

Brett Martin on the road again at DCE Roadshow

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Download Rainwater Harvesting CPD Seminar

With the UK recording its second wettest year on record in 2012, Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage’s popular CPD seminar is a must for delegates interested in the specification of traditionally styled rainwater systems and, new for 2013, rainwater harvesting. The market-leading plastic building products manufacturer will be returning to selected DCE events throughout this year, giving expert advice on the specification and installation of appropriate rainwater systems and the benefits of rainwater harvesting in providing a sustainable water resource.

With the accurate specification of products proven to be a time and money saver, Brett Martin’s 45-minute technical seminar will show how to satisfy the planning authorities, enhance building design and ensure cost effectiveness when it comes to rainwater and soil system specification.


Many clients and developers demand the look and feel of traditional building products, especially when working with stringent planning controls. The hassle and cost of cast iron rainwater systems are often their downfall, yet drainage cannot be overlooked when it comes to the external detailing of a property. From new build housing developments or barn conversions to Victorian shop frontages and church renovations, getting the specification wrong can result in clashes of style, opinions and budgets.

Brett Martin looks at the factors to be considered when specifying rainwater systems and suggests an alternative to traditional materials: Cascade.

The Cascade cast-iron-style rainwater and soil system is a range of plastic gutter, downpipe and soil profiles which combine authentic detailing and period design with the economic and practical benefits of modern materials.

Fully compatible with both existing cast iron and modern-style rainwater systems, Cascade is corrosion-free, UV stabilised and comes with a 10 year guarantee. The range comprises domestic and high capacity gutter systems, a soil system, and an extensive range of accessories, moulded hoppers and choice of heritage colours.

 “We take an in-depth look at the factors influencing the specification of rainwater systems and show a comparison of different building materials,” explains Brett Martin Specification Representative Paul Wadsworth, who will be delivering the CPD seminars.

“There is a lot to consider, from the cost of materials and installation, to performance issues and the health and safety implications of working with different systems.

“We also look at more general aspects of design and installation and show how the amount of rainwater collected by a given roof area largely determines the choice of gutter system and the number and positioning of the outlets.

“Delegates will, I’m sure, learn that old-style detailing doesn’t have to carry the age-old problems of expensive, cumbersome and high-maintenance building materials,” Paul concludes.

Cascade is manufactured by Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage in the UK and is a lightweight, versatile and economic system that adds virtually maintenance-free heritage styling to any project. Customers unable to attend the DCE roadshow can learn more at


In addition to offering practical advice on the specification of rainwater systems, Brett Martin will also detail the benefits of rainwater harvesting – a topic high on the agendas of many specifiers wish-lists.

Despite the UK’s inclement weather, water resources fluctuate wildly and sustainability issues and legislative requirements have dictated a definite and growing demand for water re-use systems. Installing a rainwater harvesting system could supply up to 50% of domestic water demand and an even higher percentage for commercial applications.

Brett Martin’s seminar will look at ways in which we use our water and the practicalities of choosing and installing a suitable rainwater harvesting system. Drawing rainwater from roof areas into underground tanks, rainwater harvesting systems are complete water re-use and filtration solutions that should be carefully considered at the specification stage of any new build or redevelopment.

Brett Martin offers a Home and Garden or Garden Only rainwater harvesting system in a choice of capacities. Rainwater is perfect for toilet flushing, garden watering and car washing and Brett Martin’s direct feed system delivers pressurised, pumped water on demand.

The system integrates with Brett Martin rainwater and underground drainage systems, so for a complete rainwater solution please see us at a forthcoming DCE seminar

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage is participating in the following DCE CPD roadshow events:

Feb 6 BARNSTAPLE, 9.30am; March 13 ABERYSTWYTH 10.30am; March 14 HEREFORD 10.30am; April 17 FALKIRK 10.30am; April 25 KINGSTON-on-THAMES 1.00pm; May 16 ISLE of MAN 9.30am; June 4 YORK 1.00pm; July 2 SHREWSBURY 2.00pm; Sept 11 TAUNTON 9.30am; Oct 9 LONDON 1.00pm; Nov 5 BOURNEMOUTH 1.00pm; Dec 4 CRAWLEY 11.30am.

Or for further information contact: Paul Wadsworth, Specification Representative, Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage, E: , W: