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Introducing New Rain Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting

Market leading drainage manufacturer Brett Martin are set to unveil a range of Rain Harvesting systems at this year's Ecobuild event to be held in the Excel Arena, London from 20-22 March.

With a full demonstration model on show, visitors to stand S1810 will be able to experience the system first hand and explore the many features and options which offer both cost and performance benefits to the property owner and installer.

Including a Home and Garden, and, Garden only system in five tank size options from 1,200-6,000 litres,  the range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The systems work by collecting rainwater runoff through a building’s gutter and downpipe system, filtering and storing it in an underground storage tank for use around the home and garden.  The combined Home & Garden system is designed to supply collected rainwater for grey water usage by internal appliances such as WC’s and washing machines via a 32mm pressure pipe system connected to the main submersible pump located inside the systems robust HDPE storage tank.  As well as appliances inside the home this system can also supply rainwater to the garden by simply branching off the pressure pipe from the pump to a tap or hose connection. The Home & Garden system uses a wall mounted “Top up” controller providing a mains water top up facility which will ensure that there is a constant reservoir in the system preventing stagnation and dry running of the pump. 

As the name suggests, the Garden only system collects, filters and supplies stored rainwater for garden use. Rainwater from the tank is supplied via a self priming submersible pump located within the tank. All Garden systems feature a 20mm pressure pipe system. The specially marked MDPE pipe from the tank is easily connected to either a garden tap or hose connection for use. All Garden systems come with 10 metres of pump power cable and a standard 230v 3 pin plug which are plugged into the mains supply to power the pump.

Graham Smith, Sales Director of Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage, commented, "With water resources under increasing pressure from population growth and climate change these eagerly awaited environmental additions to Brett Martin's drainage range will help reduce the demand on mains supplies by providing non-potable water for washing clothes, cleaning vehicles, flushing toilets and watering gardens."

Click here to download the Rain Harvesting brochure