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Repair, Maintain and Improve with Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater Systems

Cascade, Cast Iron Style Rainwater Systems

"The refurbishment and RMI sectors have certainly bucked the recent downward trend in the general market and have maintained a very good level of starts.This is mainly due to funds being secured prior to the start of the credit crunch and the low interest rates providing a ‘now or never’ approach from those previously only considering their own venture.

“Upgrading the appearance of a residential building to add ‘kerb appeal’ has always been a good way to add value and to prepare for a rise in the market. Further, barn conversions, which are usually a lot more than an upgrade of an existing property, are proving extremely popular and providing a much needed shot in the arm for manufacturers and suppliers of the right kind of products.

“Likewise for commercial and public sector buildings, the need to maintain and improve existing features and fixtures requires ongoing attention, whatever the economic climate.

“Driven by the need to find cost effective alternatives to previously accepted materials and practices, items that can alter the façade aesthetic of a building are being developed in line with the drive towards modern materials and reduced costs.

“To this end, pvc guttering is one example of a product sector where developments in manufacturing are producing results which respond to the demand for cost efficiency. The ‘Cast Iron Style’ range of Rainwater and Soil systems from Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage is frequently specified on refurbishment projects where real cast iron was previously the chosen option, but deemed too expensive in terms of material and installation costs. Likewise, conservation areas and listed buildings are benefiting from these plastic cast iron styled systems, where the detail of the product is deemed to so perfectly replicate the appearance of traditional material that it proves fully acceptable for approval.

“Maintenance is an ongoing process and the selection of products and materials that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and less labour intensive to install, such as the Cast Iron Style systems can make a positive contribution to a sustainable and cost effective refurbishment project.”

For further information on the Cascade range visit Cascade Cast Iron Style Systems.