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Assistant Production Manager

We are currently seeking for a self-motivated, talented and adaptable individual for the upcoming Assistant Production Manager role at our head office in Mallusk, as part of our new 'Stepping Up' Programme.

This programme is aimed at anyone with a degree level qualification, along with 3 to 4 years’ experience in the manufacturing / construction industry, who would like to further their career and ‘Step Up’ into a management role.


Main tasks and duties:

  • Drive and maintain continuous improvement techniques within the production department to ensure process and operational control;
  • Enhancement of manufacturing and technical knowledge within the department at all levels;
  • Utilising current and contemporary maintenance management techniques (including facility and service management) to ensure maximum line availability and smooth, efficient project management;
  • Risk management techniques to ensure the reduction of incidents and accidents;
  • The development of product/revenue streams using modern manufacturing techniques such as project based activities, TPM, SPC, SMED and Six Sigma
  • Development of new products through effective trialling and validation of products and processes;
  • Cost reduction within the relevant department whilst sustaining and optimising quality and delivery performance;
  • Act as a member of the management team providing relevant management information as the basis for future planning;
  • Enhance knowledge at a local level by implementing contemporary manufacturing methodology.
  • Plan and organise all production economically, avoiding waste;
  • Provide leadership and guidance to shop floor personnel in modern manufacturing techniques to ensure cost effective and high quality product streams;
  • Introduce, develop and implement modern maintenance techniques to ensure cost effective process, maximum equipment availability and safe working conditions for all production personnel;
  • Establish and monitor production, production systems and quality assurance systems;
  • Test production quality assurance systems on a regular basis to ensure quality standards are maintained;
  • Ensure cost effective purchasing is carried out to meet production requirements;
  • Continually improve the output from existing production equipment in terms of volume, quality and cost;
  • Account for variances in actual production output compared to plan;
  • Be a change driver within the department managing and driving forward process and cultural change at local level;

Other Responsibilities:


  • Carry out stock control of both raw materials and finished goods;
  • Optimise cost control through decisions re shift working, overtime etc;
  • Rigorous material management and account for cost variances against product/profile cost models;
  • Responsible from removing cost within the value stream to ensure a cost effective manufacturing process without any detrimental effect to product quality or service levels.


  • Ensure communications are maintained at the highest possible level between management and the workforce and keep the production manager advised of impending situations which could develop into more serious problems;
  • Ensure staff are kept fully briefed regarding the work and performance required from them and give direction and support to ensure that tasks are completed on time;
  • Develop mutual respect with employees, by ensuring that all dealings are objective and impartial;
  • Liaise with supporting departments and external contractors to ensure production targets are met against quality, cost and delivery objectives


  • Take care to ensure that at all times there is an adequately trained workforce to meet planned production requirements;
  • Ensure that all employees are inducted, trained and validated in all aspects of their positions’ requirements, to allow them to perform their functions safely and efficiently;
  • Manage and motivate production staff to ensure that flexible job roles exist for operatives and that performance is both efficient and effective;
  • Deal with day to day industrial relations problems ensuring legislation and company procedures are adhered to;
  • Ensure that company procedures are followed with respect to recruitment and promotion of staff (policy guidelines);
  • Ensure compliance with the company’s Equal Opportunity Policy;
  • Ensure that the company attendance management policy is implemented.

Health & Safety

  • Through good housekeeping procedures ensure that a safe and clean working environment is kept at all times;
  • Ensure that the Health & Safety Policy of the company is operated and constantly reviewed to ensure compliance with statutory regulations as they change from time to time;
  • Continual development of existing H&S systems and new procedure/practices are implemented in full where required.


  • Ensure the enhancement of technical knowledge within the department using effective training material and techniques to drive the level of technical competence and all levels;
  • Develop peripheral technical personnel and techniques/procedure such as die care and maintenance to ensure the availability and reliability of dies, granulators etc;
  • Effective trialling and validation of existing and new products/processes to ensure optimal performance and timely market introduction.


  • Ensure records are kept up-to-date and accurate for all performance criteria e.g:
    • Production performance by department / m/c / product group
    • Stock
    • Scrap
    • Time-keeping
    • Training
  • Ensure that all reports, studies etc. required are accurate, submitted on time and to the required standard.

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