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Castle Park School, Dublin

Castle Park School, Mardome Trade Rooflights Mardome rooflights were installed in the new contemporary wing at Castle Park School in Dalkey, County Dublin. These rooflight solutions were specified for both their physiological and environmental benefits. Castle Park School is an independent school comprising a ‘protected structure,’ similar to a Grade I listed building in the UK on its castellated building, which was founded as a school in 1904. The €12million redevelopment involved the refurbishment of this historic building as well as the replacement of other classroom buildings with the new contemporary wing. It was important to ensure the new structure complemented the existing school building. A total of nine Mardome rooflights were installed over the corridor area, including eight Mardome Trade circular domes complete with GRP kerbs, and a louvre vented Mardome Premier dome was also specified and installed to improve ventilation and create a pleasant environment in this key circulation area.

A total of eight Marvault HF barrel vaults were designed and supplied by Brett Martin and installed by Dublin based D&R Daylight Services. Four Marvaults measuring 4.34m x 1.94m were installed on the 20m x 35m roof of the new sports hall and a further four, each measuring 18.9m x 1.6m were installed on the 20m x 40m roof of the new swimming pool.


Systems:  Mardome Dome Circular Rooflights and Marvault HF Barrel Vaults

Quantity & Size:  8 x Mardome Trade circular domes, measuring 1050mm in diameter; 1 x Mardome Premier dome, measuring 1800 x 900mm.  8 x Marvault HF barrel vaults measuring 4.34m x 1.94m and 4 measuring 18.9m x 1.6m.

Ventilation:  Louvre vented Mardome Premier dome


Architect:  Smith and Kennedy Architects

Main Contractor:  Cleary Doyle

Roofing Contractor:  D&R Daylight Services

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