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Sandal Magna School

Sandal Magna School, Coloured Trilite GRP

Sustainability was the key item on the curriculum when Sandal Magna School in Wakefield was designed ensuring that functional and durable materials with aesthetic appeal were selected in the build.

Renowned for its excellent light transmitting characteristics as well as its high impact resistance and durability, Trilite GRP was chosen to clad the main teaching wing in block C, a single storey building.  GRP provides a diffused daylight which eliminates distracting shadows and solar glare and provides a more suitable environment for pupils to study, whilst also reducing the need for artificial lighting and can result in less operational running costs. In keeping with the creative yet functional design ethos, a blue tint was added to the Trilite sheet to give excellent visual appeal.  

Materials:  Approx 25 sheets of 4m long Trilite GRP with blue tint

Architect:  Sarah Wigglesorth Architects

Main contractor:  Allenbuild North East

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