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Knowledge Spa at Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

Knowledge Spa, Ritchlight Skylights

Manufactured and installed by Brett Martin Daylight Systems, the architectural rooflights at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro provide natural daylight to all 3 floor levels of the hospital's central atrium area. Circular on plan and low rise in profile, the circular bespoke rooflights are beautifully engineered and set into the flat roof of the impressive state-of-the-art medical school centre, allowing natural daylight to illuminate the entire length of the building’s balconied atrium. Clear polycarbonate glazing was chosen to maximise the level of the natural daylight and create the desired internal environment. To increase the spread of daylight even further, vertical glazed partitions were incorporated into the internal corridor walls to illuminate the rooms adjacent to the central ‘light well’.” 

Accurate geometric calculations and full working drawings were produced for the glazing bars, kerb details and special clamp frames needed to form the series of polycarbonate segments. The rooflights were factory assembled for inspection and transported to site as complete units before being hoisted by crane to roof level and installed by Brett Martin’s own experienced fitters on fully weathered upstands pre-prepared by the main contractor.

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System:  Ritchlight TL17 Circular Bespoke

Quantity & Size:  5, each measuring 3m diameter

Glazing:  Triple skin, Marlon FS clear polycarbonate; glazing bars treated with a high quality polyester powder coat finish in dark blue externally and light grey internally

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