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Varndean School

Varndean School, Ritchlight Ultra Skylights

Ritchlight Ultra skylights were specified by Brighton and Hove City Council architects for the £2.5 million Varndean School redevelopment on the basis of their thermal efficiency and quality of construction. The two skylights lie end to end on the flat ridge of a 750m2 extension where two ICT classrooms and sports changing rooms at ground level are topped by a library with a vaulted ceiling on the first floor.

Ritchlight Ultra’s fully thermally broken frame virtually eliminates any additional heat loss through the frame which is traditionally associated with skylights, and eradicates any cold spots, dramatically reducing the risk of condensation. The addition of a thermal break in the kerb separates the aluminium structure of the high-performance skylight into internal and external components. The fact that the skylights are also fitted with electrical opening vents automatically controlled with temperature and rain sensors was a bonus. The installation was carried out in two days by Brett Martin’s own in-house installation team.


System:  Ritchlight Ultra (Lantern) Skylights

Quantity: Two, each measuring 3.4 x 2.4m   

Glazing: 4mm toughened grey anti-sun glass, 12mm argon gap and 6.4mm low 'E' laminated inner; glazing bars powder coated white inside and brown outside to complement the pantiles

Ventilation: Electrical opening vents automatically controlled with temperature and rain sensors


Architect:  Brighton and Hove City Council

Main Contractor:  ROK

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