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Sedgefield Community College

Sedgefield Community College Barrel Vault Rooflights

A total of sixteen Multivault SSR barrel vault rooflights in various lengths from 10.5m to 20.5m long were installed on the new Sedgefield Community College in Co Durham.

Consisting of a clear polycarbonate barrel vault outer and Trilite Ultra GRP intermediary and liner layers, the vaults were assembled on site and installed on the Euroclad standing seam roof which was later covered with a ‘living’ roof system.

Reducing noise levels was an important factor when designing the £18M facilities and working closely with the architect, Brett Martin Daylight Systems’ technical team provided various barrel vault options for consideration whilst also bearing in mind other requirements for light transmission levels, thermal insulation and fire classification.

Opened in January 2011 the college boasts exceptional facilities throughout and the diffused natural daylight transmitted via the rooflights certainly adds to the attractive and inspirational surroundings providing for an ideal learning environment.

Building Bulletin 93 aims to provide a regulatory framework for the acoustic design of schools in support of the Building Regulations and Brett Martin also has an Education Design Pack to assist specifiers. Brett Martin’s technical experts can advise on acoustic performance for various glazing materials, ensuring specifiers meet the required acoustic performance levels and help eliminate or reduce intrusive noise such as rain noise.

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System:  Multivault SSR Barrel Vaults

Size:  Various from 10.5m to 20.5m long

Glazing:  Polycarbonate clear outer, Trilite Ultra intermediary and liner


Roofing Contractor:  Donking Roofing

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