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St Mary's School

St Mary's School, Marvault Rooflights

A large Marvault RL clear polycarbonate barrel vault canopy was installed to create a dry outdoor play area for the younger children of St Mary’s CE Primary School, Greenfield, Oldham. Specified by architects Thorpe Whyman & Briggs, the canopy was manufactured and fixed by Brett Martin Daylight Systems on behalf of P&L Construction Ltd as part of their work on the school’s new ‘Early Years Unit’. School Head, Mrs Helen Rowland, commented “It’s like having an extra new classroom. The canopy’s so clear that you almost forget it’s there and the children love it because they can now play happily outside whatever the weather.” Comprising 5 interconnected bays, this bespoke Marvault RL canopy is 4.85 metres long and spans 5.175 metres. The specially rolled aluminium glazing bars are polyester powder coated to the architect’s specification (RAL5014, Dove Blue) and the canopy’s glazing is a single skin of 6mm Marlon FSX clear polycarbonate.


Size 4.85m long x 5.17m wide  Glazed single skin 6mm thick Marlon FSX

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