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B/E Aerospace Factory

B/E Aerspace, Kilkeel composite panel rooflights

Approximately 240m2 of Energysaver composite panel rooflights were installed at the B/E Aerospace manufacturing facility in Kilkeel, Co Down. The triple skin rooflights were installed to replace existing polycarbonate rooflights as the solar glare was causing problems for shop floor workers and had an effect on productivity.

Made from Trilite GRP rooflight sheet Energysaver composite panel rooflights provide a more natural diffused daylight which is dispersed more evenly and this proved to be the ideal solution for B/E Aerospace.

The Energysavers were supplied with snow tint Trilite Ultra weather sheet, a higher specification sheet than the standard weight providing increased rigidity and a life expectancy of 30 years plus.

For more information on Energysaver composite panel rooflights, click here .

Roofing contractor: Thornton Roofing


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