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Govan and Scotstoun Shipyards



Govan and Scotstoun are historic large shipyards located on the Clyde in Glasgow, a centre for high quality shipbuilding for hundreds of years.

As part of a large investment programme of over £100m to extend and improve the existing facilities, Brett Martin Daylight Systems worked in partnership with Mc Connell Roofing to supply both factory assembled and site assembled rooflights.

The project involved the refurbishment of 5 very large industrial units as well as 1 smaller unit believed to be used for recreational purposes.

Challenges were faced in regard to the sheer scale of the project which required in excess of 5,000m2 of product with strict delivery deadlines. Versatility was also employed in regard to the application of the panels as they were used to daylight via both the roof and the walls furnishing 10-12% of the area on both.

Safelight was used on the roof for the safety margin provided by its unmatched rigidity while Trilite 2.4kg was integrated into the walls to admit a diffused and natural light.



Safelight Energysaver FAIRS

Trilite and Safelight Site Assembled Rooflights


Quantity & Glazing:

Energysaver FAIRS – 1590lm (1.9W2K)

Safelight outer sheet – 2300lm

Trilite 2.4 liner – 23001m

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