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Sisters of Mercy Convent

Sisters of Mercy Convent, Dual & Mono Pitch Xlok Rooflights

Completing the winter garden’s roof is a Xlok Ultra mono pitch rooflight located at one end of the main rooflight. Quick and easy to install on site, the rooflight was installed within the allocated 2 week schedule. Marlon ST has been used for the glazing to provide high levels of insulation and natural daylight.


System:  Xlok Panel Glazing

Quantity:  Dual Pitch - Size span of 10.2m, 26m long with 24 bays. One 4.5m side sloped to 10° and other side 7m constructed in 2 tiers of glazing sloped to 20°. 
Mono Pitch - Size 10.2m long with a 4.5m slope constructed in 9 bays.

Glazing:  25mm thick, 5-wall clear Marlon ST structured polycarbonate; glazing bars are polyester powder coated White (RAL 9910)

Ventilation:  20 electrically operated top-hung vents, each has dual rack actuators with 500mm stroke to achieve a natural / smoke ventilation equivalent to 7.5% of the floor area. 

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