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Gellatley Dwelling

Gellatley Dwelling, Richlight Ultra Skylights

Architectural Ritchlight Ultra skylights flood daylight into the loft and ground-floor extensions to Holly and James Gellatley’s home in Barnes, ensuring the family’s new living space is a pleasure to be in. The Gellatleys bought what was then a three-storey, six-bedroomed house early in 2007, aware that they had a lot of work ahead of them. Renovating the property from top to bottom has taken an intensive nine months and seen them and their two young children living with family, friends and in their own attic.  A loft extension was completed first. This involved replacing a large part of the original pitched roof with a flat one on which a small Ritchlight Ultra skylights was installed. The second phase included a 200ft² ground-floor extension that incorporated a kitchen, dining area, living room and playroom, the total depth of which required a lot of light to optimise the space.  This requirement has been met with a 4.485m long x 2.480m wide, 30° sloped, and hipped end Ritchlight Ultra glazed skylight including electrically operated top-hung hinged windows for natural ventilation.


System:  Ritchlight Ultra Skylights

Size:  4.485m long x 2.480m wide, 30° sloped

Glazing:  Double-glazed with Coolite glass

Ventilation:  Electrically operated top-hung hinged windows

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