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Costco Warehouses Nationwide

Costco Warehouse, Leicester

(147 Mardome Reflex domes installed by B C Roofing at Costco Warehouse in Leicester)

Mardome dome rooflights have been daylighting Costco warehouses nationwide for a number of years.

During the past 15 months three new warehouses have opened their doors with a total of 736 triple skin Mardome Reflex domes, each measuring 1,800 x 1,800mm being supplied to daylight them. A variety of roofing contractors have installed 247 on the Leicester store, 243 in Southampton and 246 at Farnborough.

The non-vented domes were supplied with the 70mm flange option and specified with triple skin polycarbonate in an opal tint to provide superior thermal performance and a diffused natural daylight.

Further Costco warehouses are planned with Mardome Refex domes currently being supplied for a warehouse in Southall, London.

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