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Costco Store

Costco Store, Mardome Trade Rooflights

Some 164 of Brett Martin’s Mardome Trade rooflights, which are classified non-fragile to ACR[M]001:2005 and prEN1873, were installed by a Hathaway team of three in just four days on a nine-metre-high, 13,000m² roof of composite panels that Hathaway originally installed.

Costco were looking to maintain an even spread of natural light and for the building to remain operational throughout so this involved Hathaway working to particular Health and Safety requirements.


System:  Mardome Trade dome rooflights

Quantity:  164 measuring 2,140 x 1,316mm non-vented

Glazing: Opal tinted Marlon FSX polycarbonate, triple-skinned

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