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ASDA, Multivault GRP Rooflights

Multivault GRP barrel vault rooflights have recently been installed at two new Asda stores in Northern Ireland. Hynds Architectural Systems specified the Multivault rooflights at Antrim’s Junction One supercentre store and Larne’s supermarket store.  The rooflights have a daylight opening width of 1m and consist of a single skin GRP vault with a double skin FAIR underneath to make a triple skin build up.

Asda has been specifying Brett Martin GRP barrel vault rooflights for a number of years.  The cost-effective solution has been specified for its high quality, excellent energy saving abilities and its excellent thermal efficiency, which helps the buildings meet Part L requirements; a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K can be achieved as standard with options offering a U-value as little as 0.9 W/m2K. 


System:  Multivault GRP Barrel Vaults designed for KingZIP CPS specific roof system

Quantity:  4 x runs approx 45m long each on the Antrim store; 4 x runs approx 29m each on the Larne store

Glazing:  Trilite GRP vault with a double skin FAIR underneath

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