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Greenfields Business Park

Barrel Vaults at Greenfields Business Park, Hinkley

Vaulted rooflights from Brett Martin Daylight Systems were used to daylight what is described as Leicestershire’s first environmentally harmonious business park - Greenfields Business Park in Hinckley.

The park, containing hybrid units with ground floor warehousing space and first floor office space and 16 industrial units, was designed and built utilising the latest in sustainable building technology and building materials to reduce energy costs and provide a lower carbon footprint.

Two Marvault HF barrel vault rooflights, each measuring 31.9m in length x 2m wide, were installed on the hybrid units alongside wind turbines providing approximately 10% of the buildings’ energy use.  Achieving a U-value of 1.7W/m²K the Marvault rooflights were glazed in opal Marlon FS flat sheet polycarbonate and multiwall polycarbonate inner glazing.

In addition a total of 76 Multivault GRP rooflights, each measuring 3m long by 1m wide, were also installed on the living 'green' roofs of the industrial units.

The £4M development has achieved BREEAM ratings of “excellent” for the hybrid units and “very good” for the industrial units.  Maximising daylight through rooflights reduces a building’s artificial lighting requirement which in turn reduces energy consumption and helps buildings meet their CO2 emissions targets as set out in Part L of the Building Regulations.

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Roofing Contractor:  Metclad Systems

Architect:  BBLB Architects


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