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City of Manchester Stadium

City of Manchester Stadium, Polycarbonate Rooflights

Manchester City FC's home ground is a state-of-the-art stadium in a unique 'bowl' design.  Approximately 1,500 linear metres of Marlon CS Longlife polycarbonate was used in the front third of the canopy, profiled to match the Ward 37/1000 metal sheet that forms the remaining 2/3 of the roof.   Marlon FSX flat polycarbonate was also used to vertically glaze the 48,000 seater City of Manchester Stadium.

The stadium was the centrepiece of the facilities for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and provided a spectacular backdrop to the Games by hosting athletics and the rugby 7s competition.

Brett Martin provided extensive technical support to the stadium designers, providing over 60 CAD drawings to detail the polycarbonate sheeting.  A sheet tagging system was designed to identify each sheet and its subsequent correct location on the roof canopy. A flexible sheet interface with steel structure was manufactured, which was designed in conjunction with Broderick Structures, to allow for movement such as thermal expansion and contraction of the canopy steelwork. Two vac form tools with over 35 inserts per tool were used to produce 75 different sheet types and 1152 sheets were supplied in total to complete 76 bays in the canopy.


System:  Profiled Rooflights

Quantity:  Approx 1,500m

Vertical Glazing:  6mm thick Marlon FSX

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