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Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium, Site Assembled Rooflights

The complex roof of Arsenal FC’s impressive new Emirates Stadium includes 6,440m2 of Marlon CS Longlife clear polycarbonate rooflights.

Designed and supplied by Brett Martin Daylight Systems, this bespoke glazing solution creates a bright environment for spectators, reduces the amount of secondary steelwork and maximises the amount of sunlight reaching the pitch to promote grass growth and reduce shadows for TV filming.

The Gunners massive 4-tiered stadium has a 17 acre footprint and a seating capacity of 60,000.  Brett Martin’s technical support team worked very closely with the architects and building envelope contractors, Prater Ltd, using their expertise to convert the design concept for this large and extremely complex roof into a workable production solution. Special tooling was developed to manufacture the various shaped and sized panels which were then supplied to site in an easily identifiable way for convenient installation.

The rooflights were manufactured to PMF R60 profile in a combination of straight, tapered and trimmed sheets as required for the elliptically shaped roof which was designed and constructed to slope in towards the pitch giving the stadium a low profile in a very densely populated residential area of North London.


System:  Site Assembled Rooflights

Quantity: 6,440m2

Glazing:  Marlon CS Longlife clear polycarbonate;  Profile:  PMF R60

Accessories: 1,000m of Brett Martin’s clear polycarbonate edge flashings and 200 access hatches

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