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Killanin Stand, Galway Race Course

Galway Race Course, Xlok Ultra Panel Glazing

Brett Martin Daylight Systems successfully overcame many challenges during the process of creating a unique combination rooflighting solution for the complex cantilevered canopy roof of the Killanin Stand at Galway Racecourse in the west of Ireland. The Killanin Stand’s elevated and exposed location near the Atlantic coast meant that Brett Martin’s experienced technical team was tasked with creating a stylish canopy roof capable of protecting spectators from the elements and coping with exceptionally high wind loadings. The Xlok Ultra interlocking panel system was installed inverted to form the canopy soffit and glazing carefully chosen to produce a soft, diffused daylighting effect. Many of the panels were individually fabricated to fit snugly at the junctions with the stand’s curved vertical glazing and roof fascia.  All the sheet weights, panel sizes and fixing details were determined by the technical team and extensive use was made of CAD modelling during the design stages.


System:  Panel Glazing

Glazing:  Marlon ST 24mm 5-wall multiwall polycarbonate with opal tint held with aluminium frames polyester powder coated white to blend with the opal glazing


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