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After an almost total shutdown for three weeks while we reorganised our shop floor and offices to accommodate working under the new social distancing rules and a thorough deep-clean, Brett Martin Daylight Systems is now reopened for business as usual – well almost!  We can’t really claim it’s business as usual under the present circumstances but we are fully operational, our sales office and telephone lines are open and we are delivering products to sites able to receive them. 


We understand not everybody is yet able to get back to work, but we are heartened by how many of our customers are now operational (indeed some of you never shut).  For those of you still planning how to return we wish you well in your endeavours and we are here when you are ready for us – even if it’s just for a chat.


We are grateful for the support the government has provided both financially for the workers we have had to furlough and also for the clarification it has given to manufacturers and to the construction industry about the importance of continuing to operate where we can do so safely.  It is vital that we all take steps to keep the coronavirus infection rates as low as we can, and it is also vital that we keep our economy alive. 


For our part we are carefully following the guidance on how to operate safely and are staying alert for any changes the government introduces.  This has introduced some additional costs, but they are manageable.  We still have some staff furloughed but we are bringing them back to work as demand increases.


We wish you and all our customers well as we work through this COVID pandemic together.