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Brett Martin - Now supplying HY-SPEC high performance hybrid sealants!



We are delighted to announce that we have added a new range of high performance hybrid sealants to our extensive range of fillers, tapes and sealants products.

Manufactured in the UK using the latest moisture cure polymer technologies, HY-SPEC hybrid polymers are versatile, easy to use and extremely weather and UV resistant. Fast curing and tack free finish, once cured they form a robust and flexible product that is long lasting and paintable. HY-SPEC sealants and adhesives are durable and isocyanate and solvent free, ensuring the user has environmentally sound solutions to meet almost every sealing and bonding requirement in applications across the building industry.

The HY-SPEC range includes:

  • Seal & Bond – a versatile all-purpose instant tack sealant and adhesive which is highly elastic, strong and durable
  • PowerBond – a high grab and tack sealant and adhesive with high strength and durability
  • CrystalSeal – a crystal clear sealant and adhesive which is flexible and suitable where invisible joint applications are required
  • HygieneSeal – a certified anti-microbial sealant and adhesive for kitchens and bathrooms and communal areas
  • LiquidSeal – an excellent flat roofing and guttering repair product for waterproof sealing which adheres to awkward penetrations and can be applied by brush, roller or spray


The HY-SPEC range of next generation of adhesives and sealants has a product for every application. These are the future of sealing and bonding so why wait to try them!

For more info click here, contact our sealant shop on; 024 7684 1933 or e-mail