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New Profile Finder App Launched

Profile Finder App

Launched by Brett Martin Daylight Systems, the new Profile Finder tool available on will make specification of roofing and cladding sheet profiles simple, easy and efficient, ensuring contractors and specifiers find the ideal and up-to-date match, whatever the project.

With no limit to the number of profiles that can be added, this profile identification tool allows roofing and cladding contractors to input dimensions of an unknown profile – whether Polycarbonate, GRP, PVC sheet or Profiled Filler – and the Profile Finder will come up with the closest match to their dimensions. It will also display drawings of these matches with full dimensions.

Fast and simple to use, specifiers and installers can simply access the Profile Finder via their desktop, tablet or mobile device so there is no need to make multiple phone calls to identify the correct profile.

Hayley Lowry, Group Marketing Manager at Brett Martin said: “All of the latest profile information can be accessed on our website. By inputting a few dimensions, a list of potentially thousands of profiles can be reduced to a more manageable list of a few likely candidates which can be investigated further.”

There are hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of profiles in use and it can be a difficult task to identify what has been used, especially on older buildings where the history is not known.

“The Profile Finder is a massive advance on how we identify profiles and an incredibly useful tool for Brett Martin to be giving to the roofing and cladding industry,” added Hayley.

Brett Martin is Europe’s only rooflight manufacturer of all the main profiled rooflight sheet materials in the widest selection of profiles available; Marlon CS polycarbonate, Marvec CS PVC and Trilite GRP, for site assembly in stadia canopies, and, industrial and agricultural building applications. The company is also widely known throughout the industry for its extensive range of fillers in polyethylene, Supaseal, Very High Temperature Material and Firestop and can satisfy bespoke requirements with ease. The company’s extensive portfolio of profiled rooflights and fillers - are all designed, developed and manufactured in the UK at Brett Martin’s own BSI quality accredited and ISO 14001 environmentally accredited factories.

Brett Martin’s simple-to-use new Profile Finder is further testament to Brett Martin’s ability to create solutions that meet the industry’s growing need to improve efficiency, reduce costs and speed up project timelines with mobile solutions.

“The Profile Finder is a very convenient way to specify the right profile and a time saver for specifiers wanting to increase productivity,” added Hayley.

To search the Profile Finder database click here.