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Mardome Access Hatches for Roofs

Mardome Access Hatch

The flexibility of the Mardome range means Mardome Trade rooflights can be configured as an access hatch providing safe, easy access to roof spaces for roof maintenance and other utility purposes or to open up roof spaces for terraces and roof gardens.  The Mardome Trade access hatch rooflights feature internal opening mechanisms, hinged dome unit and, gas springs to facilitate opening. The access hatches are configured to match a range of specifier’s requirements including insulation, security and light transmission.

Mardome Access Hatches Features and Options


Mardome Trade and Ultra Access Hatches are available in standard sizes from 900 x 750mm up to 1800 x 900mm with a choice of standard low rise dome or optional pyramid shaped glazing units. For the full range of sizes download the Mardome brochure or email for further information.

 Mardome Access Hatch

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