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Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight

Combining the ultimate in contemporary styling with exceptional thermal performance and regulatory compliance, Mardome Glass sets the standard in glass rooflights.  Featuring a thermally efficient double-glazed glass unit framed by a silver anodised aluminium frame, this ultra-modern flat glass design allows natural daylight to flood into buildings for light, bright and inviting internal spaces. Developed for flat and low pitched roofs of less than 15° this rooflight has been imaginatively designed to offer the widest flexibility possible with a choice of powered opening, ventilation, kerb and fixing options to ease the specification process.

Mardome Glass Features and Options


Mardome Glass is available in eight stocked sizes, with many more standard sizes in 150mm increments up to 1950 x 1950 square or 3600 x 1650 rectangular available on slightly longer lead times. Custom sizes also available. Contact for further information.

Mardome Glass Stocked Sizes 
600 x 600
750 x 750 
900 x 600
900 x 900 
1050 x 1050
1200 x 600
1200 x 900
1200 x 1200

A range of kerb and fixing options is available for Mardome Glass.  Where no existing kerb is available the Mardome white multiwall PVC kerb, in two height options to match the rooflight size, can be used:

  • Mardome standard kerb, 216mm high (see below)
  • Mardome tall kerb, 365mm high (see below)

When fitting to a builder’s kerb, a direct fix kerb is available for vented and opening rooflights.  The non-vented, non-opening option can be fitted directly to a builder’s upstand.

Standard Kerb                            Tall Kerb

Mardome Glass Glazing Std Kerb     Mardome Glass Tall Kerb

Direct Fix Kerb            
Mardome Glass Glazing DF

  • Glazed with Low-E insulated double glazed glass unit of 31.5mm thickness
  • 6mm toughened outer with black border, 90% Argon filled cavity, 9.5mm laminated soft coat Low E inner with 1.5mm PVB interlayer (NB: -for very large sizes inner pane increases to 11.5mm)
  • Centre pane U value* of 1.1W/m²K 
  • *Centre pane U-value is measure of the thermal efficiency of the glazing type.

    Mardome Glass Glazing Only



    • Trickle vents (manual) - standard specification
    • Automatic (humidity controlled) - high specification
    • Purge ventilation - powered opening
    • High extraction ventilation - powered and integrated into kerb*

    * Not available on all dome sizes and only available on non-opening variants


    • Mains powered opening, switch operated (PCD)
    • Mains powered opening with remote control (PCR)
    • Mains powered opening, sensor controlled (PCS)
    • Manual opening, operated with pole (MLD)

    Trickle Ventilation                      High Extraction Ventilation

    Mardome Trade Trickle Ventilation       Mardome Glass Kerb Ventilation


    Powered Opening                              

    Mardome Glass Opening       

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