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Dover Fueling Solutions Factory



A comprehensive set of rooflight solutions has been provided, including Energysaver factory assembled GRP rooflights, to a newly expanded production facility in Dundee.

Brett Martin was selected for this project on account of being able to meet the requirements for 3 separate specifications for this site. This involved supplying daylighting solutions to an existing building, a new building and to a link corridor connecting the existing building to the new one which houses a reception and canteen.

These rooflight have played a significant part in ensuring this manufacturing facility meets its energy efficiency targets, whilst greatly enhancing the working environment for all employees.



Factory Assembled Rooflights: 230m2 of Trilite 3.0 GRP Energysaver FAIRs

Vaulted Rooflights: 2 runs of 8m and 10 m Triple skin GRP Multivaults

Skylights: 2 pyramid glass Ritchlights, 2.5m x 2.5m


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