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Approved Partners


Brett Martin works closely with a number of credible printing and cutting machine manufacturers to test and showcase the printing and routering capabilities of our semi-finished product portfolio.  By collaborating with the world's top manufacturers of wide format and flatbed printers we ensure our range is continuously evolving and performing to the highest standards and is kept up to date with the latest technology advances.  The Brett Martin Approved Partner Scheme was developed to help build on these relationships, validate the use of our rigid print media and improve the collaborations at events and printer manufacturer demonstration centres.

When it comes to proving to potential customers the full capability of a printer to produce consistently sharp, bright and visually striking work, the choice of substrate is of paramount importance to showcase the range of printers to their full potential.  This is why printer manufacturers only use reliable, easy-to-handle substrates that will help them produce outstanding print quality, such as our Foamalux Foam PVC Range, Marpet PET Range, Marlon FS Polycarbonate Range and Marcryl Acrylic Range.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our Approved Print Media Partners have to say themselves about using our products. 


Dean Ashworth | Sales and Marketing Director Zund UK

“We are extremely proud to work with Brett Martin and be part of their new branding reveal. We used the Zund G3 3XL-3200 to cut the shape of the new logo out of Foamalux products which we found ideally suited for processing on our cutting machine. The Zund G3 3XL-3200 is a very versatile cutter and allowed us to tailor the operation to suit the exact requirements of the material and the job. Brett Martin’s new logo required the cutter to create sharp corners, straight lines and curves all with equal precision, which the machine achieved without any difficulties.” Click here to find out more.


Erskine Stewart | Managing Director swissQprint UK

“We knew that Brett Martin’s Foamalux White would print well, due to its bright white colour and smooth, even surface, but we wanted to try it for ourselves here at our new demo centre in the UK. The quality of the printed images speak for themselves. We are confident that any of our customers using the Foamalux products will be pleased with the end results.”  Click here to find out more.



Alexander Wente | eurolaser Product Manager

"The materials Marcryl FS, Marlon FS, Marpet-a FS and Marpet-g FS are ideally suited for processing with eurolaser cutting systems. Due to the contact-free processing the cut edges are of very good quality and no residues are left behind. Furthermore, mechanical clamping or fixing of the materials is not necessary. This allows a very efficient production process." Click here to find out more.

eurolaser Brett Martin approval


Ben Woodruff | Jetrix Head of Sales

“Brett Martin’s Foamalux range is perfect for direct to substrate digital printing. It has outstanding adhesion capabilities, great colour reproduction and retains the print quality very well too. It has a very crisp edge - there are no dots or drop outs, so it’s perfect for a digital printer. What’s more, it’s very easy to use and when prepared according to the manufacturers guidelines it has strong anti-static properties – an important factor in avoiding any issues with finished print work. Click here to find out more.


Tiffany Bisson | EFI USA Customer Experience Centre Manager

“Brett Martin’s Foamalux range is an impressively versatile foam pvc product portfolio that complements EFI’s product range very nicely. The substrates demonstrate the capabilities and the potential of our new VUTEk 32h LED hybrid inkjet printer with UltraDrop™ Technology extremely well. They hold phenomenal drop quality – there is no spread, gain or static, which is essential as the 32h runs at such a high speed.” Click here to find out more.



Gregory Willems | EFI EMEA Customer Experience Centre Manager

“We found the Foamalux rigid sheet to be durable and lightweight making it so easy to handle and install on our EFI™ Pro 30f LED flatbed printer. The smooth, brilliant white surface in ideal for printing, resulting in optimum print clarity which really demonstrated the depth and vibrancy of the colour inks.” 


John Ichikawa | Blackman & White Technical Sales Manager

“From our experience of routing different grades of foam PVC we found Foamalux, to be a premium product in both quality and colour. The clean, bright white colour makes it visually stand out from other products on the market.  When routing or knife cutting Foamalux sheet the finished edge of the product is consistently clean and smooth, making it our material of choice for applications which require the use of foam PVC.”  



Frank Van Damme | Agfa Application Manager Wide Format | GS/WW Inkjet Training & Demo Center

"Great people, great company, great product. The Foamalux product is so easy to handle and to print on, producing great quality at all print speeds"  



HP has announced that the following Brett Martin products are “Certified for HP Latex Ink” on HP Latex R1000 and HP Latex R2000: Foamalux White, Foamalux Light, Foamalux Colour and Marlon FSX. In addition to that, HP has successfully tested Foamalux Light, Foamalux Ultra and Foamalux Xtra on its HP Scitex FB7500 (FB 225) and HP Scitex FB 7600 printers.