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Marlon CST rooflights provide a cool naturally daylit space for happy cows

Marlon CST Cowshed, Netherlands

3,000m2 of Heatguard 25 Marlon CST 6mm Triplewall 177/51 corrugated multiwall polycarbonate was used to glaze the roof of this large cowshed in Stedum, The Netherlands. 

The Heatguard 25 tinted sheet provides natural daylight into the shed whilst reducing heat build up providing a comfortably cool and naturally daylit space adding to the wellbeing of the cattle.  

Marlon CST Longlife is co-extruded with Longlife UV protection which acts to block damaging UV radiation that can be harmful to livestock.  The multiwall structure of the sheet improves insulation and provides enhanced rigidity for greater spanning between supports.

Marlon CST Longlife sheet is robust, light in weight, easy to install and maintain and has excellent resistance to impact damage making it ideal for use agricultural and horticultural applications.

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