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Floating Farm, Netherlands

Floating Farm Marlon Clickfix

158 panels of clear Marlon Clickfix1040 at 3.3m lengths were supplied by Witteburg B.V. to glaze the outer façade of the lower level of the Floating Farm in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Floating Farm, an alternative for the scarce availability of land, produces and retails day-fresh food through a closed cycle and close to the consumer. This causes almost no waste streams, reduces the length of the logistics chain and enables the consumer to become familiar with agriculture and the processing of healthy, day-fresh products.

The cattle have access to grass beside the farm and the farm itself consists of a milking parlour on the upper level and processing factory on the lower level.
Marlon Clickfix1040 contributes to the Floating Farm by providing natural daylight whilst maintaining thermally efficiency for the factory space on the lower level. The panels are also light in weight making it the ideal solution for this fantastic floating structure.

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The Floating Farm won First Place in the Brett Martin iAwards (winners announced November 2019). 

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