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Lindora Place Housing Development Canopies

Heatgaurd Marlon ST Canopies, Lindora, San Jose

In a city where the temperature is rarely below 17°C, the Lindora Place housing development in San Jose, Costa Rica, required a glazing solution for a series of canopies to provide natural light while minimising heat build-up.  16mm Triplewall Heatguard Marlon ST Longlife was chosen to help create cool and pleasant outdoor living spaces at the front of these stylish residential properties, situated in a very warm part of the city. 

Manufactured from a specially developed pigment which allows light to enter through the roof whilst deflecting solar radiation, Marlon ST Heatguard multiwall polycarbonate sheet delivers a wide range of weather protection for residents. 

Marlon ST Longlife has a high performance UV protection layer that protects people by filtering out over 98% of damaging UV radiation. In addition to this the attractive silver tinted Heatguard sheet also reduces heat transmission by up to 50% to minimise heat build-up and solar glare.

Marlon ST Longlife carries a 10 year warranty.

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