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Da Passano Restaurant, Corsica - Marlon CS Diamond

Da Passano Bar Marlon CS Diamond

Marlon CS Diamond corrugated polycarbonate was used to create a striking focal point out of the bar in the stylish Da Passano restaurant in Corsica, France. During the refurbishment of the restaurant the front of the bar was clad with Bronze Marlon CS Diamond which proved to be the perfect choice for creating an impressive visual effect. The lights fitted to the top and bottom of the bar reflected beautifully throughout the prismatic embossed surface of the material bringing the bar to life.

Marlon CS Diamond is super tough. Its superb impact resistance makes it ideal for applications which may be prone to impact damage such as the busy bar area at the Da Passano restaurant.

“Marlon CS Diamond is a very exciting product. The ‘diamond’ embossed surface is very attractive and fitted in perfectly with the modern interior of the Da Passano restaurant” said Patrick Audoux, Abaqueplast, France. 

Marlon CS Diamond is a super strength corrugated glazing material with double sided longlife UV protection as standard. Available in 2.6mm and 2.8mm thicknesses and a range of tints including clear for maximum light transmission or bronze and blue for a more controlled light, Marlon CS Diamond is ideal for a wide range of applications. The material’s superb strength and light transmission capabilities makes it perfect for rooflight and vertical glazing applications. The prismatic embossed surface of the sheet also makes it an attractive choice for a range of decorative applications such as interior design, shop outfitting, screening and partitioning.

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