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Marlon CS glazing for sports hall refurbishment

Bronze Marlon CS Rooflight Czech Republic

Bronze Embossed 0.8mm Greca Marlon CS Longlife was used as replacement glazing at this sports hall in the Czech Republic.  Approximately 1800sqm of Marlon CS was used to replace the existing glazing to create this stunning curved rooflight. 

Bronze tinted Marlon CS Longlife offers solar control whilst the embossing on the inside of the sheet helps to diffuse the light and reduce glare from the sun.

As with all Marlon polycarbonate, Marlon CS Longlife is light in weight, easy to handle and install, has excellent fire performance and will maintain its properties in climates experiencing hot or cold temperature extremes.

Marlon CS Longlife carries a 10 year light transmission warranty and a 3 year weather breakage warranty.

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