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Unique Marlon ST Rooflight at Paragraph Resort & Spa, Georgia

Paragraph Resort Georgia Marlon ST

Four different tints of 6mm Twinwall Marlon ST Longlife - clear, bronze, blue & green - were supplied to create this stunning rooflight and vertical façade on the Paragraph Resort & Spa located on the picturesque coast line, beside the Black Sea in Georgia.

The coloured Marlon ST sheets were cut into small sections to create this unique mosaic pattern on the rooflight and façade which had a stunning effect both inside and outside of the building.



Marlon ST Longlife is light in weight and easy to cut and install. The various transparent tint options create a stunning effect when glazing rooflights and facades which is perfectly illustrated by this project. The sheets are also co-extruded with Longlife UV protection on both sides which acts to filter out harmful UV rays of the sun protecting the sheet from the effects of weathering especially in this hot coastal climate.

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