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Penistone Market Marlon ST

Penistone Market, Xlok Ultra Rooflights

Clear 25mm 5wall Marlon ST was used to glaze the rooflight which caps the award winning Penistone Open Market, in West Yorkshire in the UK.  Built for Barnsley County Council in 2010 to house the popular Farmers Market the Market Building is the largest oak frame in the UK and stands a massive 24 metres wide, 35 metres long and 13 metres high and contains well in excess of 100 cubic metres of oak.

Incorporating a unique hand crafted oak frame, this iconic market building of cathedral proportions mixes the traditional with the modern to create a distinctive building for the town and the community. Reflecting the architecture and materials of the area, the intricate beauty of this building, possibly the largest public oak frame built for hundreds of years, is a testament to the simple, yet ingenious traditional techniques used by the carpenters.

The 30m long panel glazed rooflight gives a contemporary edge to a traditional building.  Marlon ST was the perfect glazing option for the rooflight, it’s high light transmission properties allows the building to be flooded with natural daylight during the day and by night when the building is lit, the rooflight acts as a lantern making the building an interesting landmark on the town’s skyline. The project has been shortlisted for a number of awards and won the 'Best Community Project' category at the 2011 South Yorkshire and Humber LABC Building Excellence Awards.

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