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Marlon ST used to create contemporary beach huts

Marlon ST Beach Huts

Located at East beach, Shoeburyness, Southend on Sea, these beach huts feature 16mm Marlon ST Triplewall Clear sheets used as outer lining of the walls. The design was developed by Pedder and Scampton Architects Ltd. as the winning entry for an open design competition run by Southend Borough council looking for a sustainable and contemporary take on the traditional beach hut.

The distinctive beach huts have an undulating roof profile that can be seen from the promenade behind and above the site. Gaps between the huts allow views out to the sea and the planted roofs reflect the existing green margins between the beach and the land. Each hut has a unique appearance that reflects the industrial qualities of the site as well as its natural ones – views are of power stations, container ships and a cold war barrier.

A wall construction was devised out of recycled timber pallets bolted into a frame and lined internally with plywood and externally with Marlon ST triple wall polycarbonate sheeting. The wall cavities that were created this way were filled with local pebbles, gravel, glass chippings, shells and other recycled material, laid in strata to create an individual pattern for each hut. Marlon multiwall polycarbonate proved to be the material of choice as the material had to be transparent to make the cavities visible whilst offering enough strength to hold the heavy weight of the filling in the cavities.

Marlon ST triple wall polycarbonate was chose n both for its visual appearance and for its robustness. The site is relatively remote and unsupervised and is exposed to the elements that can have severe impacts especially during winter. The strength and impact resistance of the sheets were key in protecting against vandalism and exposed weathering conditions. Combined with excellent fire resistance, chemical resistance and its light weight character, Marlon ST triple wall was the product of choice.

Gill Scampton from Pedder & Scampton Architects adds: ‘’It was a great experience working with Brett Martin on this project. The technical advice and testing of the material helped us realise our vision within our set budgets. As the material had to be strong enough to hold the weight of the pebbles whilst providing light transmission without compromising security, Marlon ST polycarbonate proved to be the ideal product.

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