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Marlon Clickfix Curved LED Screen, Lebanon

Champs Fitness Arena Beirut

Over 600m² of Marlon Clickfix panels were supplied to create this impressive curved façade on the front of the Champs Fitness Arena & Sports Centre in Beirut, Lebanon.

A total of 200 Pearlescent Marlon Clickfix 1040 panels at three different sheet lengths were supplied and installed by ABS Metals to create the first LED backlit panel glazed façade in Lebanon.

Marlon Clickfix was the ideal choice for this project as the seamless pearlescent façade brings a diffused natural daylight to the sports centre during the day and provides an ideal surface which is backlit with LEDs to create a screen effect.  The façade really comes to life at night with advertising and images and during basketball games hosted in the Arena which are shown live on the screen.

Central to the Marlon Clickfix1040 system is the lightweight polycarbonate panel with integral interlocking connections that simply click into place forming glazed areas of unlimited size and shape. The 40mm structured polycarbonate glazing panel has 10 insulating walls to achieve a U-value of 0.99 W/m²K, for a high performing and thermally efficient glazing solution. It has a choice of thermally broken aluminium glazing bar systems depending on the application. The Marlon Clickfix VF glazing bar system has been specifically developed for vertical installations such as façades, partitioning, rain screens and vertically glazed northlights whilst Marlon Clickfix RL has been designed for use in low pitch rooflights and canopies.

Marlon Clickfix1040 provides high-quality natural light, superior thermal insulation and UV protection. In addition to the impact resistance, resilience and structural strength that is inherent in all of Brett Martin’s high performance polycarbonate sheet products, it is also lightweight and easy to handle.

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