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Marlon ST used to create curved facade at Costa Rica Centro de Convenciones

Costa Rica Convention Centre Marlon ST

8mm Pearlescent Marlon ST Longlife was used to glaze the rooflight and curved façade of the Centro de Convenciones in Costa Rica. The semi-translucent sheets provided the perfect backdrop to display the illuminated forest images whilst providing a diffused natural light into the building.

The architect needed a product that would allow him to highlight the images of the illuminated forest, but also that was strong and durable in such a harsh environment. The pearlescent coloured Marlon ST sheets met all of his expectations and was the preferred choice between several proposed options.

Marlon ST Longlife is a lightweight multiwall glazing material manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate. Available in a range of structures, thicknesses and tints, Marlon ST Longlife is suitable for a range of roofing and glazing applications.

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